Presentation of the Canadian Northern Coldwater Prawn

Canadian Association of Prawn Producers (CAPP)

Presentation of the Canadian Northern Coldwater Prawn

March 29, 2012, Moscow, Russia

March 29, 2012, Moscow, Russia: the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers (CAPP) and Viciunai Group conducted the Presentation of Canadian Coldwater Shrimps and announced the start of the CAPP promotional program in Russia.
In course of the presentation the guests participated in tasting show from famous chef Igor Kats, and had opportunity to know more about the health benefits of the coldwater shrimp from a famous dietician Julia Chehonina (Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Medical Academy of Science).

Wild Coldwater Shrimp harvested from the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans provides about 6% of the total world supply of all shrimp species. While smaller in size, the wild coldwater shrimp has many attributes that recommend it as ‘the preferred choice’ of consumers.

Canadian Coldwater Shrimps are harvested 100% natural from the cold, icy waters of the Arctic and Northern Atlantic Oceans. They are sorted and cooked and flash frozen to –26 degrees Celsius on board of modern fishing/freezing vessels within minutes after coming out of the ocean, and then processed, packaged, stored and transported under strict regulatory controls. Boiled-frozen shrimps are ready to eat after being defrosted.

The Honorable John S. Sloan, Ambassador of Canada to the Russian Federation has opened the event with the welcome speech. The Ambassador demonstrated the preparation of Glazed Canadian Shrimps with Fillet-Minion and described his own preferences of the Coldwater Shrimps.

Yuliya Chehonina, Dietitian, Specialist of the Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Medical Academy of Science, Consultant and Presenter of the “Give you the life” and “About the main thing” TV Projects shared with the event participants her suggestions on importance of the health benefits of Coldwater Shrimps as a part of the healthy diet. The coldwater shrimp is a natural source of many nutrients such as protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, calcium, selenium and iodine.

Igor Kats, Brand-Chef and Owner of Apriori Restaurant Company, author of tasting shows, restaurants consultant on menu development, participant and presenter of many culinary TV-shows and radio-programs, organized the tasting show for the guests and cooked exquisite dishes with Coldwater Shrimps. According to Igor Kats, the Coldwater Shrimp is a very easy-to-use product which makes everyday menu and party dishes even more delicious. “Canadian Coldwater Shrimps have unique taste and texture that beneficially differ them from the large warmwater shrimps, they are conveniently ready to eat without any cooking, either alone or in salads” – mentioned Igor Kats and stated: “It is important not to boil cooked-frozen shrimps for the second time in order not to spoil the taste and texture of the product. It is recommended not to treat coldwater shrimps with excess heat treatment because of the same reason.”

Bernard Leger, the Representative of Canadian Association of Prawn Producers, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Ocean Choice International and Ivan Koshkin, Marketing Director of Viciunai Group Representative Office in Russia, spoke about the Association’s traditions and about the methods of careful harvesting of the Coldwater Shrimp which allow supporting the natural population of the coldwater shrimp. “Canadian at-sea producers of coldwater shrimp that form the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers are pleased to see the interest of the Russian consumers to this superior product and hope that with the growth of consumers’ knowledge about shrimp types and features the number of those who prefer Canadian Coldwater Shrimps in Russia will be growing even faster” – said Bernard Leger concluding the event.

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