The scientific name of Coldwater Shrimp is Pandalus borealis.

shrimps-ice Coldwater Shrimp harvested from the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans provides about 6% of the total world supply of all shrimp species. About 2/3 of the world supply of shrimp are from warm water shrimp aquaculture farms in such countries as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. While smaller in size, the wild coldwater shrimp has many attributes that recommend it as ‘the preferred choice’ of consumers.

Sailing from ports adjacent to the Arctic and Northern Atlantic Oceans, fishing vessels from Canada brave these treacherous northern oceans 12 months of the year to harvest the delectable Wild Coldwater Shrimp.  Fishing in these icy, pollution-free waters of the Midnight Sun, the large, modern freezer vessels produce a 100% natural, firm textured, sweet and delicious tasting shrimp. Whole cooked Coldwater Shrimp is harvested, sorted, cooked, frozen and packaged at sea within minutes of the shrimp of the shrimp coming out of the water, and its high, intrinsic quality is assured through on-board cold storage at –26 degrees Celsius. Each vessel has a government-inspected factory with modern equipment operating under strict regulatory controls. Discriminating consumers around the world enjoy Wild Coldwater Shrimp - including the tables of Europe, sushi bars of Japan, and fine restaurants and homes of Russia.

Living in these cold-water oceans, Coldwater Shrimp grows slowly. It takes about 4 years of its 6-year life span to grow big enough to be sold in the market (it only takes 3-4 months of accelerated growth for farmed shrimps to go to market), so the flesh of Coldwater Shrimp has naturally firm texture, and its size is also relatively small comparing to warm-water shrimps.

Whole-cooked and individually frozen Coldwater Shrimp are packed in standard 5-kg packages while the freezer vessel is at sea. When the vessel returns to port, the ready-for-market shrimp is unloaded and transported to world markets in cold-storage containers. Russia imports over 50,000 tons of whole cooked and frozen Coldwater Shrimp per year, mostly from Canada.

Cooked Coldwater Shrimp is pink-red in colour, the flesh of which has firm texture with a unique light-sweet taste.